Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Florida Fort McRae Submerged Weathered Tar Mats

Florida Fort McRae Submerged Weathered Tar Mats

Florida Fort McRae Submerged Weathered Tar Mats

Florida Fort McRae Submerged Weathered Tar Mats

Fort McRae Coastal Crisis

FT MCREA – After several complaints from the public, the National Parks Service is taking a closer look at whether to clean up Fort McRae.

Today, they and a group of BP clean up workers went out to inspect the beach that sits on the west side of Pensacola pass.

We were originally invited to ride along but but when we got to the dock, they said there wasn’t enough room on the boat for our camera crew.

Parks spokesperson Nina Kelson says they’ll develop a response plan based on what they learn today.
Meanwhile, an organization called “Citizens for a Clean Coast” have sent us some pictures of what they found at Ft. Mcrae earlier this month.
Most of the pictures show tarballs about the size of half dollars, and some clumps are over a foot long.

And remember, for the latest on the clean-up effort or the claims process, just go to and click on the Coastal Recovery button. Fort McRea Oil Survey.

source: Coastal Crisis

Citizens for a Clean Coast

Please let’s also address the submerged mats in the near shore areas in and around McRee and  Pickens.
Our own sampling has revealed the presence of much oil in these areas and we are in the process of having our samples independently verified to insure that our findings cannot be disputed. Previous independent sampling (unrelated to our group) revealed very high levels of toxicity with a unknown danger to the public and wildlife. – Fort McRae oil very toxic to humans Yes, we can agree that no one knows the dangers for sure when oil and Corexit are combined but, who has the authority to dismiss such high levels without the hard science to back up their assertions?
Our understanding from interviews is that the local DEP office who conducted the testing is NOT properly equipped to conduct tests on petroleum products and lacks experienced personnel to deal with a problem of this nature yet, was tasked with conducting the tests and directing the activities of others. Is this true or false?
Again, the question of safety to the general population and the animals who live in these areas arises. Who has authority to declare an area clean, safe and that it not longer poses any danger and on what data are they relying to make this determination? Then the question is how reliable is the data and the lab and personnel who carried out these tests?
If the tests were conducted by improperly trained personnel using a lab that is not equipped to handle such testing then we have a much, much larger problem. Please consider this email as a formal FOIA request for the results of any and all testing conducted by or shared with DEP, USCG and any county, state or federal representative.
We look forward to your responses and please feel free to reply in a public manner.
Respectfully -
source: Citizens for a Clean Coast

I have been following these emails closely and forwarding them to people that I know that fish, swim and enjoy this beautiful area as we should be able to (without fear). One of those persons has been recently diagnosed with Leukemia and his favorite place to fish is near Ft. McCrae. As a realtor, I definitely need to know if I need to disclose possible toxic levels.
Make it a great day,

Michelle Fulford

Michelle Fulford

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