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Ganix Biotechnologies Inc.

Ganix Biotechnologies Inc.

Vegas company plans to open shrimp farm in desert

LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas company plans to grow shrimp in giant water tanks in arid southern Nevada.

“It’s hard for some people to grasp, but we will be raising shrimp in the middle of the desert,” Scott McManus, CEO of Ganix Biotechnologies Inc., told the Las Vegas Sun.

The plant being built north of Las Vegas was expected to open in March, with the shrimp being raised in indoor tanks filled with hundreds of thousands of gallons of water.

About half of the shrimp will be sold in Las Vegas. McManus also plans to market shrimp in California, Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

He called his indoor growth process organic and sustainable, explaining chemicals or growth hormones won’t be used.

“In the United States, we import about 88 percent of our seafood,” McManus said. “We hope to change that.”

The Nevada Commission on Economic Development unanimously voted Tuesday to provide the company with $128,397 in tax incentives.

“This was a very tidy presentation and appears to be an opportunity for Nevada,” Commissioner Tony Dazio said.

Ganix qualified for the incentives by vowing to invest $1.3 million in the area. The company plans to hire 25 employees with an average wage of $21 an hour.

source: Vegas company plans to open shrimp farm in desert – National Business –

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